PAO Emissions. . . Yikes!

Waddap, guys!
I'm in the process of registering my li'l PAO in Phoenix, Arizona, and while I expected a bit of trouble during emissions with the carburetor, I didn't expect to fail by 5x the limit :eek: I've managed to get this thing all the way from Yokohama -- my final road block can't be some smokey farts.

I'm wondering if I need to go through with a rebuild and / or a catalytic converter, or if this crazy smog is to be expected.
Anyone else have some crazy high emissions?
If I can get the rascal to be at least less than x2 the limit, I can get a waiver for the year (enough time to swap the MA10S with something a little less gassy), but I'm hoping someone knows if this is a lost cause!
I'm guessing the pao never came with a cat to begin with

You can try getting hold of a late k10 (91/92) exhaust system as they had a cat fitted as standard you'd need manifold, cat and downpipe
I'm surprised you need to pass an emissions test. Here in Illinois I don't have to. Since the car was never imported to the states how does Arizona know what the limit should be? Maybe you need to talk to someone else at your registration office?