Panhard Rod Question.


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I'm in the middle of fitting my coilovers, and have finally got to doing the panhard rod.

I managed to get the left hand side( from drivers point of view) off, but the right hand side would not budge. So after much proding, pulling, prying, and hacking I managed to get the thing off.

But....on the righthand threaded rod, the inner metal tube from the panhard rod is still on there and is so well stuck that it looks as if its supposed to be there!

Does anyone have any ideas, experiences as to how best to overcome this infernal piece of metal?

I'm not keen on angle grinding as it seems too easy to nick the threaded rod.
Would heating with a blowtorch work?
Moblie mechanic?
And I can't drive anywhere because i've butchered the righthandside of the panhard rod.

Looking forward to your replies. Wills


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I had to cook it off with a blow torch, need to get it cherry red and attack it with mole grips, wd40 will help aswell.


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Thanks for your reply Solarice.

I've taken some pictures of it. The black stuff is the rubber bush inbetween the two parts.

Still in have to try heating it, I just hope it works otherwise i'm stuffed!



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I had exactly the same problem, it seems to be a common occurance. I ended up getting a heatgun on it and just pulling/twisting like crazy.