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Painless Progress!

The refurb was going well and I found a gearbox locally for £75. It was an old type yard that you can wander around taking bits off whatever you fancy. I also picked a handfull of plastic bits that needed replacemant on both of the cars. I did wonder if I had bought a turkey, as do you really list every problem when scrapping a car and are all parts tested. We know the answer to that one! I also found a correct colour rear bumper for my dads Felicia for £20, which must be a bargain.

There were a few issues getting the new box onto the engine, not helped by me not having done it before. I did it with help and it took an hour to get it on. I aligned the N/S drive shaft as I pushed them together and the O/S went in when it was fitted. I kept the old drive shafts if when I could so that the diff gears did not fall out of alignment. All in all it was quite painless but still quite heavy work. I would not fancy doing it with a heavy box, but the Micra was OK, still a two man job and I would not fancy trying to do it alone.

I also fitted an Almera 1.6 airbox whlst I was in there for a little more go. The test drive was a worry as I did not fancy taking it back out and going back to argue over a knackered box. I kneed not have worried, the new box was quiet and had a nice change. The clutch did need a tweek on the cable, but I was so pleased with the result.

I sorted out some nasty scabs on the passengers door bottom and it was done!!!!!!! A wash brought up the shine that I hope that might hide under the dust and it looked wonderfull for the £239.22 that it has cost me in total. I will keep it in the garage untill Jan and the MOT for the 94 1.0L as it might need a crossmember which I will sort out next summer at my leisure. It is also nice to know that there is a spare car waiting to be MOT'd as running a banger can be worrying at times.

I would like to replace the N/S doors on the 94 so if you have some flame red ones PM me and you have a sale.

I have enjoyed the renovation so much, so now I am looking for a MX5 needing the right type of work. A couple of dented wings will keep the price down, but keep the project realistic. Meanwhile I am waiting on the Dudes every word for mods to improve both cars. Both his projects have dyno proof, so its worth taking the advice. As parts need servicing I will be fitting his proven improvements.