p0340 and 0111 codes on startup only (K12 2004 Micra)

Hi everyone. I own a 2004 Micra (K12). I'm new to this so I apologise because I have seen this subject before but I don't know if it fully answered my question (it suggested I need a new timing chain).

I'm getting error codes 0340 and 0111. This indicates a problem with my cam sensor. This is only happening when I start the car in the morning. turn the engine light off the codes come back the next day (or sometimes a few hours later) when I restart the car.

I ordered a new cam sensor but when I tried to start the car it wouldn't fire up... and it seemed to be turning over quicker than normal. So I swapped them back and it starts but I still get the light on in the mornings.

Its worth mentioning that there is no rattle or noise and my car seems to be running very well once its warmed up.... but the idle is up and down a bit on startup. Does anyone have any ideas before I take it to the garage for expensive diagnostics?? Is it worth trying another sensor? I find it odd that the new one didn't work at all.
Reading another forum it says there are 2 camshaft position sensors. I can only find one there is a similar straight one on the gearbox... I beleive this is the crank angle sensor. the one I changed is higher up located on the right hand side of the engine towards the back and near the top (almost in the corner on the right hand side).

I can't see any others if there are let me know,
I'm not sure how to get to the tensioner. I now think it may be the wiring loom. I tried another sensor yesterday. Anyway it started but ran really rough... Like if you took a spark plug out. I had no power especially up hill. I swapped back the sensors... But it made no difference. An hour later the car wouldn't even start. I'm thinking I may have disturbed the wiring and they look quite thin and a bit rubbish to be honest.

I'm going to take it to the garage... Would you recommend I ask them to do the tensioner check or wiring check first?

I've just changed the crankshaft sensor again... and had a good wiggle of all the wires I could see around the engine block... and its started and is running fine now (its not even bringing up the engine light). Wish me luck to see if it starts in the morning. Would the crankshaft sensor bring up this error code or does it have one of its own?

Another thing why is it called a crankshaft angle sensor when thats the straight one of the 2 sensors? If Nissan can't get that right no wonder my car won't start.

I've just searched google and the crankshaft sensor should bring up a 0335 code. So I don't think changing this fixed it.