[SOLD] OZ Alloys (BLACK) - Full Set of 15" Wheels. Great Condition. WITH TYRES! (Good Tread)

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These are in great condition and have recently been sprayed so dont have any curbing marks. If for any reason, you would like them to be sprayed a different colour then you would have to make a deposit before I would be able to spray them.

I'm looking for £200 (including tyres). The tyres are in good condition so are worth at least £300 by themselves. So the price is a good deal! ;)

Thanks and you can either pick them up from me (Postcode: TN11) Or, alternatively you could pay for a courier to pick them up from my house and deliver them to yours. Shouldn't cost too much to be honest ;)

Here are the pictures of the wheels. Message either on here or private message if you are interested or what to know anything else about them.



Thanks and hope they go to a good home ;)
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