Over assisted steering problem?

Hi, Ive found many articles on power steering problems and dash light showing but my issue is that there is no dash light and the steering feels too light, as if its over assisting!

(2003. 1.5 dci)

Any one experienced this before?

I have changed track rods, tracking has been done and tyre pressure correct. So no idea what could be.

Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks

I get this occasionally on my 2006 1.2, through trial and error I have managed to temporarily resolve it.

With the ignition off, open the fuse box inside the car (drivers side). On the lid it shows what each fuse is for, take out the 10amp 'electronics' fuse. Leave it out for about 30s or so and then put it back it.

This normally fixes it for me, it has done it a couple of times but it has been at least 2 months since it last did it.

Hope it works for you.
Hopefully it works for you.

I believe the issue is with the torque sensor, a non serviceable item within the EPS unit. The EPS units are costly to buy new or refurbished.
Did you ever find out what was making your steering so light, I'm currently having the same problem with my 06 micra sport and have no idea what's wrong :(