Outside air temperature always reading high - anything to be worried about?

I tried this in the general section - may be better placed here


I have 2014 ACENTA and have noticed the outside air temperature on the dash computer screen is continually reading somewhere between 34 and 36 degrees C no matter what the outside temperature actually is.

If the temperature sensor does no more than tell you the temperature I can live without it (a bonus when very cold!) but I’m wondering it it has any impact on the climate control or engine running meaning I need to get it fixed?

Could it be something as simple as the sensor has broken or does it indicate a more significant (and expensive) problem.

Thanks for any advice on this.
Seems it is connected to the climate control - any temperature setting below the max of 30 blasts cold air, only if you go right up to 30 does it blow hot air out and it is roasting.

hopefully just the sensor and it wont be too expensive to have it replaced.