Options for piggyback/ECU


Since i am getting some cams and lighter flywheel in i think it is time for something better ECU wise.
I'm a bit torn between a few options like piggybacks like e-manage and Apexi Safc, Nistune or a full standalone.

After looking up a whole lot of information i am not to keen on the e-manage/safc systems because of them altering airflow readouts which also apperently!? messes with ignition timing. Also i would like to raise my RPM limiter. These devices don't support that.

Nistune i really fancy but i have a '97 micra which isn't supported as far as i know. Still haven't seen a type 5 board on the website there.
Now i have seen talk that it would supposedly be possible to switch my ECU for a supported facelift one but how much work would that be and is it really possible? Haven't really found a definate answer on that. I also have NATS on my car so i guess with a other ECU either the ECU needs programming or all my locks/keys?

As last i have the option for full standalone, i find the prices a bit steep for my N/A usage. If i where to go for this route i know it is best to ask a local shop for systems they are known and comfortable with. But are there basemaps to be found for most of these systems? don't fancy to pay a lot of money getting the basemap+tuning right in addition to the high cost of a system itself.

So at the moment i really want to try and get nistune on my car and i was hoping some of you guys here could point me in the right direction since my searches all end up with vague answers like it should be possible.


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mine,s a prefacelift like yours with a nistune board fitted thieme :)
ed (fusion) can reset the limiter for you, and can resync the nats so that it locks into the car that you fit the ecu to
But u do use a facelift ECU then? because i thought the fitting of Nistune had to do with there being 2 different kinds of ECU's 1 of which being a half sized model or something. Sadly it is a bit of a drive/trainride for me to get to Ed else i would have went there already haha. So i guess i have to try and find a company who does it here in Holland.


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no, mine,s the prefacelift ecu from my 97 red car mate (which has now nats sync-ed itself to the 96 white car) and ed pre-mapped it and posted it to me :)
the half sized ecu,s were fitted to the pre-nats k11,s