Oil on ground

Hi everyone
My sister in law's car is leaking oil under the car on the driveway.
It's a Nissan Micra K12C 1.2 2010
It started with a bit of oil now it's a lot about 150ml.
Any ideas where to look for this oil.
Is there a common place to look for the leak.
Has anyone else had this fault.
Thanks Darren
Have you looked at the sump/sump.
Also the oil filter at back of the engine bay
Can't really say you should find signs of the leak tho if you look carefully.

Mine once had a wet looking sump but I couldn't find any leak or do I seem to loose oil.
The oil filters when changed are renound for leaking if fitted improperly or if the wrong type used.
Just get your eye in with torche and you will likely find the nearest area then you might have a better idea of location.
Hope this helps.
No idea, but I need to check the oil temperature sender located above the oil filter on my 1.0L. Seems they can leak. And I'm going to get a washer for the sump plug when I change the oil, to be on the safe side. Good luck, let us know how you get on.