Oil not changed in 30k miles?!?!?!

Hi! This is my first post on here so please be gentle!

My girfriend has seriously been neglecting her poor 02 plate 1.0 Micra and has never had it serviced in 30k miles! I carried out a oil/filter change and re-newed the spark plugs, air filter and PCV filter over the weekend but there was a huge amount of oil sludge in the oil filter and oil filler cap. I got out as much as i could but obviously there will be quite a lot left in there.

What would you say the best thing is to do here? I thought about an engine flush but have heard some bad things about it so im considering changing the oil/filter again in 1000 miles and then sticking to a 6 month oil/filter change after that which will hopefully get rid of the sludge over a period of time.

Any comments welcome. Thanks,



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hi martin

i think i would use a flushing oil, but i assume it contains detergents and it may be best to run some cheap oil through afterwards to flush any remnants out