Oil filter change...least messy?

Ok, I've change a few oil filters before, but the last time on my K11, I wound up with oil flowing up my arm. Rats. So, I dunno, a plastic bag over the filter...hard to keep in place with all the turning involved. Stick a pokey thing through to let it drain more controllably? I have a variety of oil catching vessels, and a filter wrench. But at least my new diy car ramps are proving a success. (y)
Those ramps are a nice idea but the strength might be a little flawed?
I used some oak posts for mine and they are not too high up I'd like to go slightly more height.
Anyhow that was my first attempt.
I've used them a few times and they are alright for quick lifting.
Axle stands are nice but the ramps are cool and quick to get things done.
You can find good guides to build great ramps. I do need to re build mine at some point.
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Remember when draining the oil the car needs to be flat to remove all the oil from the sump, Best to jack up the car with a trolley jack, remove the sump plug, and when the flow of old oil is slowing gently lower the jack and leave a further ten minutes. This should clear the sump of the old oil. then you can jack back up to clean the area and put the sump plug (with new seal) back in.
Get a proper jack and axles stands, not worth the risk of it failing.
Takes all of 1 minute to jack up and get the axle stand underneath.