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Obtaining original pattern seat fabric.

Anyone know where to obtain seat fabric for a 1992 5 door K10? It is a sort of light grey tweed. The only possible identifying number is 40.52.18 on a small tag on the bottom of the back of the rear seat squab. Have researched this number but go nowhere.
Thanks for your reply. I very much doubt that the seats themselves are the same, but all I need is some of the fabric, for repairs. Are your seats a light grey, speckled sort of woolly, tweed? If so, you might be able to tell me what the colour is called. I'd be most grateful.
Yeah my car is stuck a mile from me has no fuel ram out yesterday why trying to get some fuel got to try and find someone with a Jerry can
thts mine


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Hi there mate are you still for some seats? Think mine are the colour your looking for


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Sorry for delay in replying, I have been away. Those seats could be right, are they light grey tweed with a tiny blue speck in them?
Thanks for your reply but they don't look like the right fabric. Mine are a light grey tweed with a tiny blue fleck in it.
I have manged to find what I think is the original specification for my car. The interior is listed as 'Trimcolor K'. Anyone know if that is a lightish grey tweed with pale blue fleck in it? Are Nissan still supplying cars trimmed in 'Trimcolor K'?