O2 (lambda sensor)


Just joined and have used the search function but couldn’t specifically find the answer to my question.

I wonder if any of you knowledgeable folk would happen to know whether the two O2 sensors fitted to a 2003 1.2 auto K12 Micra are the same item, with the same connecting plug but just have different length leads?

The car isn’t mine and I’m not with it at the moment so can’t take a look, but I suspect the eml has come on as a result of one of the sensors.

I’ve looked on the sparkplugs.co.uk website and it lists two brands, NGK and Denso.

If you select NGK it asks whether you want the front or rear, but seems to direct you to the same item with the same product code.

If you select Denso it only gives an option for either a ‘front’ or a ‘rear’ sensor depending on whether you pick a production run for the engine of either 01/2003 - 09/2004 OR 01/2003 - 05/2005.

It then lists either a dox-2014 (or universal dox-0150) for the ‘front’, or a dox-1366 (or a universal dox-0120) for the rear.

I appreciate the Denso universal sensor will require reusing the old connecting plugs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
22690 is the front; accessible form the engine bay
22690N is the rear one; accessible from under the car, it is attached to the exhaust pipe
Thanks Chris, that will be helpful when / if the time to swap them out comes. Just want to make sure I get the right ones before I try to fit.

Anyone have recommendations as to good ones to go for? Always stuck to Denso on previous cars as cheap ones were a bit hit and miss with regard to working reliably.