Not very much inspiring happening yet.


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Slim pickings.
I like the top two, I am happy to see there's still an impul version to be had.

Although, I wish they brung back jap styling, I hate this "keeping with what people want" style, yes i know that is how the company makes money but they look rubbish imo, nothing special any more.


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I love the K13, it really is more of a successor the the K11 than the K12 was. The only thing I'm not keen on is the interior, whereas the K12 has a lovely one.

That Impul kit is totally badass!

Kris C

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The front of the impul looks like a pig! the rear is nice though

Agreed, im not warming to them yet. I might once i get a shot of the supercharged one we have here. Id fall in love instantly if they did the Nismo Compact Sports concept which is loosely based on the K13.
I wonder if Nissan will do a "Super S, SR or 160SR" version! The engine although having not heard or read a thing about I like the idea of but just no poke to be had from a 3 cylinder in tunability from after Market stuff!

I'd swap my K12 for a K13 but never a K11 for either lol


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Nismo one looks nice and clean :)

A proper offset on the wheels and the black one would be sweet too :rolleyes:


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Theres a few bits of kit knocking about for these now. A few tuning bits, but most seem to be cosmetic items...i forget what i searched before, but i got a site with a full list of bits from various companies.