Not a micra ... or a car in fact ... buuuuuutttttt ...


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I've just bought my first brand new vehicle ... and its a Nissan ... but ... its a van :S

Picking up an NV200 from Nissan tomorrow and I'm so excited that I had to put up a post on this forum (as being Nissan owners you are the closest thing to a community that I am part of that is in danger of even remotely caring :p)

Couldn't really find a lot of info about them but seeings that I love Micras I thought Id try to buy the closest thing to a van version of it as I could. Slightly depressing it has a Renault engine in it but hey the rest is Nissan designed ... just sad that the first thing I'm going to be doing is chucking half a ton of rubble in it.

Anyone got any experience with these vans?