North American PAO owners

Any of you guys got any nice pao parts for sale?

Back parcel net?
Cup holders?
Dash tray?
And others

I’m Pao owner from Ireland have two always looking to add orginal parts
Headlights should in fact need to be adjusted. When you drive on the right side of the road the left headlight is suppose to be angled to the right a little to avoid blinding oncoming drivers. Vice versa for cars designed to drive on the left side of the road. Now in reality in the U.S. almost everyone's headlights are misaligned and the Pao lights, no matter how misaimed they may be, aren't going to be nearly as offensive as the insanely bright lights on the newer, taller vehicles.
Hey All!!!

Just joined. New PAO onwer!
Kansas City, KS
She is aqua grey with sunroof. Automatic

Just over 100,000 miles but engine rebuild 4,000 ago in Japan (they say that makes a difference)

She is all stock and that is how I would like to keep her. Need to get new vinyl in the spring. She is a beauty...if you like akward, and I do.
"Lovin' every minute of it"
Welcome. My car is the same as yours. I'm glad you intend to keep yours original. These cars lose their character very quickly when they are modified.