Noise/knocking on rough roads

Hi all.
Need to clarify something: anyone noticed when driving in rough coblestone roads a very sporadic nocking in the front of the car, around the driver side? Seems something loose, although on smoother coblestone roads or even over bumps, I do not notice anything. Only in rough roads, and even then it is not noticeable all the time.
possibly a loose bit of cable or trim, or something like the windscreen washer lines banging against the side of the bottle

Can be very difficult to narrow down where the sound is coming from since you can't see it at the time it is happening

If you can rule out the suspension as causing the problem, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I do try to avoid rough roads though because vibration can loosen things
I know the thing to do is going to the dealership, althoug this sound happens very rarelyz always driving on very rough roads. If driving on case normal cobblestone roads in over bumps, no sound/knifing is heard, so I assume it won't be nothing related to suspension.