Noise from my K11


I have a 98 K11 1.3 I4 that makes a weird noise (no warning lights).
Someone on youtube has recorded pretty much the same exact noise that my K11 does:
I'm on a student budget so any help identifying what could be the cause of the noise is greatly appreciated!
Pretty certain that's the sound of the heat shield on the exhaust rattling because the clips have come loose

Not sure what the official way of fixing it is, but some hose clamps sorted mine out
warm the car up, have someone with a very steady foot sit in the drivers seat and hold the revs on the exact RPM that causes the exhaust to resonate and make the noise, have a piece of wood in your hand and just keep poking things and seeing if holding that part still with the bit of wood stops the noise until you find what's vibrating

Depending where it is you can then just secure it somehow


I've ruined my car 🙁
I'd put money on it its the heat shield, hammer the bitch off

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