No heat inside car.

I'm not getting heat in the car even with the temperature knob set to high. The air is barely warm through the air vents. Any ideas?



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Is there coolant/antifreeze in the system? Is the car overheating at all? Is it using any coolant?


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Could be a number of things, resistor card could need changing (under the glove box and its a gold credit card, maybe), coolent could do with changing (most likely), you have a blockage (not that likely)

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i had this problem with my ford ka and found it was the sensor in the engne bay!

if its the same then it shuld be at the back of the engine and look like a spark plug!


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if the fan is actually blowing air out then it is possible that the matrix could be blocked or there is an air lock in the system.


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i had this on mine. changed the coolant and flushed out the heater matrix. just disconnect the two holes that go into the bulkhead , them i used two old pipes, one to drain water away from every thing and the other i forced a hose pipe into it and blasted it with water til it comes out the outher one clear. then re-build and fill with coolant.
Thanks for advice guys. I did change the coolant and it isn't losing any during use. I'll try the resistor card. If I locate it and take it out, can it be repaired.

If that'snot the problem, how do I bleed out the blockage in the coolant system?

Many thanks