nissan pao transmission issues

Hi Team Micra.
i am desperately trying to get my nissan pao back on the road. the gearbox needs replacing and it has been suggested that i look at micra K10 as an option. does anybody know whether this willl be comapatible with my nissan pao, 1989, 5 speed manual, This is the Chassis no on my Pao: = pk10-007462

trans ID: RS5F41A FE40. is there a big diffrence between K10 and K11 and could k11 also possibly be compatible? i am very ignorant about cars and my mechanic has not been much help, so i would appreciate any advice please. thankyou.
The pao is a k10 in a fancy frock (love the look of the pao) so yeah any k10 gearbox will fit as for a k11 only the pre 98 1.0 boxes are a swap (not sure if straight swap)
hi will. thanks for the offer. i am in new zealand unfortunately. not sure what freight costs would be. will that gearbox need any modifications to fit into my pao???
excuse my ignorance, i know very little about cars and i think my mechanic seems to know even less!!!bb:glare:
oh i didnt realise you were that far haha i was thinking to pick it up but if you can find out what it will take we could come to an arrangement as a last resort!