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Nissan Pao k10 transmission leaking after oil change (MA10S automatic)

I had my oil and transmission fluid changed this week, but now in have a massive leak and atf fluid pools under the car. Its very hard to find the leak as im not sure where this could come from. Does the automatic transmission have a separate cooler with lines to it? It seems to come from pretty far from the front of the engine, and pretty high up too. But is hard see with all the dirt and oil, i tried to clean it a bit but still didn’t sot the leak.
taking it back to the shop that changed the oil is not an option as its too far away and i cant really drive it like this very far.

Thanks for any help.

Was imported from Japan to US in 2016. I've had it since then. The original color was the stock baby blue, which you can still find on the interior components. It's got added custom fender flares, has been lowered on springs, and it's got SSR Star Sharks.
Want to sell the star sharks 🦈