Nissan Pao for sale

As we sat watching the scan monitor, confused at two heartbeats, the nurse delivered the news that would ultimately lead to this post; you're having twins! Once I picked myself off the floor, I realised that along with our toddler, we are too big for the pao.

So here is an excellent example of the car we all love, but with the added bonus that it has 55bhp, the same that it had when it left the factory, meaning it can now happily cruise at 70mph and head to 80mph for overtaking on the motorway. It was tuned and had a new carburettor at my wife's cousins, Dr (of engineering) Ian Rowlance, who also rallies 6R4's

It has 12 months mot, and has just been valeted, it looks great and runs great!

I'm looking for £5100, I'm in Norfolk, near King's Lynn so can always meet at the train station if you're travelling from afar. Happy to send more pics or answer any questions, just give me a call 07747828253

I love this car and need it to go to a good home! Best wishes, Rich


Children always come first
Since having my first it changes life massively
But wouldn’t change it for world

I love my Pao also so sold up other cars and things I had gathered so u wouldn’t have to sell the Pao

I have one question to ask u
Course I’m expecting answer to be NO NO NO
but if you would consider separately parting the spotlight set up u be doing me a huge favour

Very easily removed

If u consider it please contact me