Nissan Pao for Sale

Hi all, I'm selling my Pao, after ten years of ownership. It's developed, like many, a niggling fault with the idle. Sometimes it idles fine, sometimes it cuts out. Starts again with a bit of gas. Needless to say this can make things like junctions, parking etc a bit troublesome.

Idling problems last summer were traced to a perished seal between the engine and the fuel pump, sucking engine oil into the fuel system. That was fixed but after a few months the symptoms seemed to return. This time the garage is at a bit of a loss, they've cleaned up the carb but they're not carb experts, and they aren't even sure where to send it these days.

I know, even as I'm typing this part of me is thinking "what if I try this, or maybe it's that" but the truth is I no longer have time to muck about with cars. A couple of years ago I'd have been talking about fitting bike carbs.

150k km, some dents, some rust, working sunroof. Broken radio. MOT until next feb runs beautifully, until it stops.

In Manchester, feel free to come and have a look.