Nissan Pao For Sale

Reluctantly parting with my Pao after a good few years of daily driving. Have been posting on Pao Forum "Critically Ill - Info Sought" ( and have some really helpful feedback, so thought I would post here before e-bay etc, in the hope that the Pao will end up with some one who has the time and experience to get another good few years out of it.
Car is currently not running as it has a cylinder head problem, possibly cracked. Has been used daily for last 6 years and is MOT'd thro till October. Has a brand new Rad, and roof professionally replaced in last 6 months. All original spec, rad/cassette. dash clock, mats, satchels etc. 177K KM on clock and has run fine till recently.
Bodywork not perfect, had some welding to sills a couple of years ago, few rust spots and a couple of dents in rear, otherwise fine.
£1,500 secures an amazing car....I have tried to price at a level that is below others that are currently available in the hope that will go to someone here who is enthusiastic about the project and will enjoy the Pao.
Car is in Stockport, and buyer will have to arrange transport
If you want any more info or pics posting, just get in touch


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