Nissan Note speaker sizes and depth

Hi, realize this is a micra site but since the Note is an elongated version of the Micra I thought I might be able to get some help. My wife has a Micra and it is all but identical from the drivers seat.
I am intending on transplanting my stereo into hers (though it looks quite a long winded process), and fit a Blaupunkt Hamburg into mine, along with some component speakers and an amp. Having searched the net, it seems my stereo comes out after the removal of four screws, two in the lidded storage compartment on top of the dash, and two hidden beneath a piece of trim underneath the dash (why couldn;t the Micra be this easy),
Among the bits I;m having problems with are the size of speaker in the front and rear doors. I am assuming since it is based on the Micra they should be 16.5 cm, and the tweeter in the upper part of the door would be the same size. The depth has also got me stumped (it all has me stumped if I'm honest :down:) I was looking to get these
Already have a Blaupunkt Hamburg 57, Mac audio 300 sub and Vibe slick 3 amp. Any input AT ALL would be welcome. All the bits are lying in front of me (me scratching head) minus the components. Any other recommendations for front components (or would co axials be better?) would be welcome
autoleads do the adapters for the note 17cm and 13.5cm (combo kit) i have all my alpine kit to put in my note when i pick it up next week hopefully. tbh the micra adapters look the same

I would go with comps, i'm a big fan of rainbow, slx256 deluxe's are well worth the money

yep the hu is held in by the 4 screws you said this removes the surround and 6-8 clips. The hu is held in by 4 more screws

i have only found 2 note forums one german and one russian us note owners are a bit homeless forum wise.

i have a few bits for mine already 17" alloys, a custom grille i am making, a few colour coded items for the dash and a set of heko wind deflectors
Thanks Flash, nice to know I am not alone. Did you have any trouble with depth (sorry, just realised you haven't installed them yet). Listened to some of the Rainbow, great sound but a little expensive for me at the moment. Also did back to back with Alpine, Pioneer and Sony, Alpine by a mile, as with the speakers. Would be eternally grateful if you could give an idea on the depth of speaker I could get away with in the front when you get round to installing yours, I am still contemplating speakers at the moment.
only thing i can say is get the tape measure out take the door card off and with the window down have a measure most cars you can cheat 85-90mm with adapters/Mdf baffles

had alpine type-s comps before but thay have nothing on the rainbows tbh.

dont really rate kicker stuff but heard hertz comps in a few cars and thay sound nice for the money

Problem i have is the note comes this nissan connect touch screen but i have a alpine 105 with imprint and bluetooth if it comes to it i may sell the 105 and all the bits and get the imprint processor Pxe-h650 to run my pdx amps. again its money at the end of the day

currently spraying up the centre console (heater vent and hu surround) im going to airbrush some graphics on it when i get the time

got so much todo and no time thats my problem

will post some pics up in a bit
heres some pics


The centre section has been cut out the raise badge area has been cut out and plastic welded back in place so it sits flush new abs plastic has been welded to form the grille slats (for want of a better word) the curved areas that lead up to the badge have been ground flat and smothed out.

Its not bridged with fibre glass, but super abs sheet cut to size whats all "hot" plastic welded. Its face filled with abs graded filler not P38 so it never will crack out. its still a work in progress


nearly there just need a few coats of lacquer, the cubby lid is in the same blue but will have some pin stripping
That's some nice work there flash, all a bit beyond me tbh but nice to see a conversion done on one of these. I was going to ask you, have googled but no luck, how do you get to the speakers at the front and rear, can't see how to get the door card off and don't really want to force itas i'll probably break it :(
get yourself a "esm" off ebay best few quid you will spend on the note

esm - electronic service manual

it contains all the info you will ever need its very detailed with step by step guides and links thoughout the manual to the next or surrounding parts
Got the esm, excellent step by step for removalof stereo and door covers but no info on speaker size, depth, etc :down Will have to take speakers out before buying new ones, which is a shame