Nissan Micra S - Headlight levelling motor broken

Hi guys,

My Nissan Micra S just failed it's MOT due to the headlight levelling motor being broken.

I need to find a replacement but am a bit lost as to what it is I need and if it is easy to source a genuine part.

Can aftermarket ones be okay for this? I need to try and replace it within 10 days otherwise I'll have to pay for a second MOT.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Kind regards
Yeah the issue there is I've called and emailed about 10 scrapyard. Only 2 got back and said they didn't have any k11s.

It's also the issue of time as I don't really have another spare £40 for an MOT retake if I fall outside the 10 days.

I was hoping I could buy an after market piece but not really sure what I'm looking for
Can the headlight level be adjusted manually in my car?

I've been told if it can I can just adjust both of them to the correct level and that will be a pass?
Yes, you can adjust them manually, this is done by 2 screws per headlight, located just around the headlight themselves.