NISSAN Micra Radio Code Please!


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My nissan micra sve pass code is bp2347 serial mumber is 32022271 safety number is 2072 but stuck on wait 1 hr please help what is the right code
You already have the correct code, I can confirm it is '2072'. Turn the radio on and go for a drive, the 'wait for one hour' message will go away eventually and be replaced by either'CODE' or '----'
Hi, Please help. My wife's Nissan Micra battery died and then got replaced by Halfords. But now the screen is locked and asking for a code.

The make and model is Nissan Micra K12
Variant F
Version F02
Colour: White
VIN No: SJNFBAK12U3235267
Engine No: 673776
Please help me with the radio code.

Hi all! I have a 2006 convertible Micra. After some work at the garage, the CD player requires a code that I don't have. Can anyone help me? The serial number on the back of the unit is: LP 8 635 123 615 3

Thank you.
After changing battery locked out of my Blaupiunkt/Nissan radio in my Micra C+C 2006. Serial Number is BP538764214334. If someone could help me out with the Code that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Theo.
Hi can someone help with my wife's radio code please brought it 2nd hand guy is refusing to help with code or give book to us Nissan said they can't help us for some reason


Hi there wife just got gifted her grans micra and it seems the battery went dead at some point and now the system is locked out would some be able to tell me the code with this information

Serial number : 3126985
Device number : 7612830023
Date: 10.01.14

many thanks
You have to remove the radio from the dashboard to find the BP number on it, either on a label or more often engraved on the side and/or back of the unit.... A Nissan dealer can give you the unlock code for the radio, using the cars VIN number (assuming the radio is the same one it left the factory with) BUT they will charge you for it (probably exorbitantly.....)
I have Nissan micro same problem bp334947254455
Hi, my radio code is locked after i had to replace my car battery. I would really appreciate if someone could find me a code please? Thank you.
Serial: DW43N23669
Part: 28185 3HN4B
Date: 14.03.14.
Many thanks in advance. :)