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Dear Volks,

i recently bought a nissan micra K12 acenta sport and i'm absolutly glad about that, the only thing is.. i can't use my radio, i'm the third owner and one of the other two unfortunatly lost the radio code. So i decided to remove the radio, after a few minutes and i finaly removed it, so i can see the serial number and what type of radio it is... but there wasn't anything ... obvieously a retarded removed the sign. After about 3 times of removing the radio i found a tiny Number, i'm pretty sure it is the serial number.
I asked this website to give me the code and it gave me 8... so i tried the first one, but unfortunatly someone else tried it before .. twice. So i had to wait one hour. How ever, after 3 hours, with the car switched off it still show "wait 1Hr", that's why i decided to remove it AGAIN ... i already got used to it, so i didn't took me to longer then 2 minutes. I disconnected the radio from the battry for more than half an hour, put it back in and didn't touch anything, just made me on the way home for 1 1/2 hour .. but it still says "Wait 1HR"... What can i do, so i can try the next three of the 8 Codes?

Or does anyone knows the right code .. or less then 8, for my radio with the serial number BP5362 5842 0121?

Hello everyone. I have a problem with the radio. I do not know what my code is. Can you help me with decoding? Thank you all !!! My serial numb is BP234631982840


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I'm just wondering, how difficult it is to search and read a little bit before starting a new thread, lost count already of "new" RADIO CODE threads?
Has either one of you bothered to read, few lines below, of this thread => K12 radio code :rolleyes:
[QUOTE = "Мика Финландецът, пост: 764888, член: 15169"] Аз съм просто се чудех, колко трудно е да търсите и четете малко преди да започне нова тема, загубили брой вече на "новите" КОД РАДИО конци ?
Има ли някой от вас да се занимава с четене, няколко реда по-долу, на тази тема => K12 радио код : rolleyes: [/ QUOTE]
Sorry, I am new and I thought I was writing in the right place.