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Nissan Micra K12 . Ecu won’t talk to garage computer

2004 Nissan Micra K12 . Ecu won’t talk to computer. PS not working, will only run up to 3500 rpm or 20mph which ever is the easiest to attain. Fuses are good. I blew the 80Amp fuse on the positive battery terminal. Getting codes p1122 and p1126. Check engine icon will not reset. I’m thinking I need to replace ECU? Can I just replace it and will it relearn the car itself? I replaced throttle body also
Doubt a new ECU will relearn on its own. Have not done it before. But you have to copy the original to the new ECU so that would require the ecu chip to be readable via a computer.
Sometimes this is useful if water damaged or the ECU does not function as intended.
Depending on if you still have the micra an auto electrician may have the answer or even the tools to perform this task.
You might find it to not be the ecu it could be pins or wiring at fault so fault finding might fix the problem without replacement.
Blown fuses could mean a short or other possible issues with connections.

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