Nissan Micra K12 C+C Driver's door lock

Hi, I have a 2008 Nissan Micra K12 Acenta C+C and the driver's door lock has failed. Does anyone have one please or know where I can try for a second hand replacement.

Kind regards, Gill
Thank you for the suggestion. Autodoc don't have one at present but I've asked them to notify me if they get one. Nothing on ebay at present - unless you know better? I did see one being broken in Bury, Lancs but too far away & sold now anyway.
Help much appreciated.
Glad, we all have to go that extra mile sometimes to source parts we need, but I personally think, the Micra's are worth keeping going. looking at modern stuff, when you factor in the maintenance costs of these technical marvels they are not worth the grief, just try pricing up LED headlights for a modern cars and you will see. :unsure: