Nissan Micra k12 (2005) Speaker size.


I'm thinking about upgrading my speakers from stock in my Nissan Micra S (it's the 2005 version). This is the micra with 4 speakers.

What is the size of the Indoor Nissan Micra speakers?
Can you recommend some good mid-range speakers. (IE: Edge, Mutant, etc)

All help appreciated, thanks.
First off, I am aiming at doing this all for less than £300 as this is my first car/car audio equipment and I am open to options.

Head Unit:
Thinking of a nice Kenwood/Pioneer Stereo with Ipod control etc. (I can get one of these for approximately £90 down the road) Yes, I may be able to buy cheaper on ebay, amazon or caraudiocentre but would be saving approximately £20 and having to fit myself, but don't have Paypal yet. Im sure I could do this.

As I have 4, a car audio specialist said it would be wise to upgrade the front 2 speakers in the door with 'phase 2 crystal speakers' and buy some other upgraded speakers for people sitting in the back to get a bit of noise.
I was possibly thinking about buying some Edge/Mutant speakers, £45 a pair but, buy 2 of them instead. £90 total.

Subwoofer and Amp package:
Okay, now I don't need excessive Bass but I have looked around and seen a nice Edge 10" Active package which would fit nicely in the boot of the Micra. This price ranges from £90-100. Not too bothered on normal sub & amp or Active packages aslong as they are easy to install or cheap to fit. Quite a nice peak wattage - 750W I believe???

Now, I could go down to revswest (they live round the corner from me) and get them to fit, or try my dads Mecahnic. He seems pretty reliable and cheap as he has fitted a new bumper, bonnet, membrance etc for less than £80. (could have been a right off)

My question is, what do you think about the Car Audio equipment?
Anything you can recommend?


i have limited knowledge of car audio so i`ll try to help as best i can firstly i have never used any edge products so won`t comment on them an i haven`t used any of the active sub packages so won`t be able to give an opinion on them
the head unit choice sounds good i wouldn`t think you could go far wrong with them makes
i have mutant front speakers fitted and they give me a suitable sound for my needs
these are with seperate tweeters and crossovers which are nice items
reccomended for the front doors
the rear speakers are reccomended to be a 3 way speakers that are 6.5" aswell i think though i have never had the rear panels off to check
hope this helps
Okay, still abit of research to do. Do you reckon I could still get good audio output without tweeters? Im sure it wouldn't be a problem to install them, but i'm just looking for cost-efficient setup.

Micra my first car and i'm pretty skint :(


it all depends which speakers you get some will come with seperate tweeters and crossovers and some will come with everyting built into one speaker both are around the same price the seperates are ment to give a clearer sound from what i remember when i was looking things up which us why these were recommended for the front
Do they still connect to the stereo, getting output from the battery?

When I go to revswest I will discuss all these possibilities, got a nice page to talk about ;D


they will only need an input from the battery if you wish to amplify them which most time i find isn`t needed for the door speakers the headunit usually does a good enough job certainly for a first system i would say this will be more than good enough
Do the speakers in the K12 have 4 or 6 bolts holding them in? I have some nice Tannoy drivers that I'm tempted to try but they have 6 holes for the bolts so I'm not sure if they will fit or not?
If the speaker configuration is like the 2003, then they have 3 screws holding them in. I just removed one of the rear door finishers today to change out a defective speaker, and had to remove 3 screws to take out the speaker.
Sound Setup:

Door Speakers:
Front: 2-Way 190 Watt Sony Xplod Speakers
Rear: 4-Way 300 Watt Sony Xplod Speakers

will buy a Sony MP3 CD Receiver soon + will add a pair of tweeters.

sound quality is good. value for money :)
sub, i onlly got an 8" active sony sub which when set up well with the other speakers work really well. nice small and compact and still useable boot.
have a pioneer headunit (love their headunits!) its the 3rd one i've brought.
not upgraded the speakers yet though but am researching now about it, hence came across this thread lol
do u recommend a subwoof w/o installing an amplifier? .. or what about an amplified subwoofer?

i don't want to put an amplifier even if i know its worth while.. just i want to save some space. thanks
depends if your headunit has output big enough to deal with a sub. i doubt it.
the active sub i have is only small and has small amp. all in one job. (not seperate amp and sub, in which cas can just screw the amp to the sub box)
if you want to save space maybe look into the flat subwoofers that you can install under the front seats?

my one

flat sub (i've not heard one so not sure if any good.
Please can some one help me.
i got some alpine sxe-1725s x4, for my Nissan micra k12. but the speaker bits dont fit, do i have to cut the speaker wire and fit new terminals or is there an adpttor???
how easy is it to replace/upgarde rear speakers on a three door k12?
I don't know from experience but I'd hazard a guess that getting the rear trim panel off will be that pain in the backside <_< long as the new speaker unit is close enough in size you should be able to just swap them out? using existing wiring and mounting screws?

I was changing rear interior trims over today but not that big one... so I'm not sure if you'd be able to remove it with the rear seats still in :oops:

I'll be back in a jiffy, gonna have a gander at the haynes Manual for ya ;)

ETA: it says you need to at least remove the seat cushion, if not the whole seat to remove that panel,
it also says about removing (or just pulling out a section) of the B pillar weather strip for access ...Hmmmm fun :rolleyes:
with regards to the actual speakers, that bit looks like you could do it blindfolded (take off panel, unscrew speaker, detach wire loom re-fitting...reverse procedure)

good luck :)
cheers for the info,would you happen to know if the rear speakers have three or four fixing points? only asking because i may or may not need those adaptor ring thingy's.

cheers in advance
The only image in the Haynes manual it has 4 screw fixings...
however, I think that is an image of the front door speakers...and having not removed that panel myself I couldn't say for certain :oops:
will just like to update that i have removed the 4 way speakers from the rear doors.

the magnet is quite big and sometimes it touches the window motor when going up and down.

i'll be fitting 6x9 5 way speakers on the cover found in the boot. im leaving the 2 way speakers up front. already have a pair of tweeters (ts-s20 from pioneer). put an amp onto it and it should be good :) it will have a good bass i supposed thanks to the rear speakers.