Nissan Micra k11 1.0 won't start (fixed!)


My 2002 Nissan Micra K11 1.0l 60hp car won't start, my OBD reader said that cylinder 3 wasn't firing so I swapped the ignition coils over and the fault follows the coil from cylinder 3, so I go and order a second-hand coil online(it's OEM and the part number matches, plus has a good reading through a multimeter), it arrives today and I fit it and the car won't start... I then put the original coil back in but the same problem. The last time the car started and drove unhappily on the misfiring coil was like 2 days prior, I only wished I'd tried to start the car before changing the coil. Not really sure where to go from here, I feel like I've just made things worse -.-

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Frank,

Sorry for seemingly disappearing, I'd composed a reply shortly after receiving your message but apparently, I didn't post it! Basically, it explained that I was going away for a week and would report back after I returned. I have since returned and the problem has only worsened, I get absolutely no noise when turning the ignition now whereas before I left it would be trying to start. Can you explain to me what a drop of fuel down the throttle body does? I've tried to look it up but didn't find much. I haven't checked for a spark either, I'm just stumped because I thought cylinder 3s coil was the problem, what could have happened to take it from misfiring and starting fine to not even starting now?

Also probably unrelated but I noticed the radio is dead and won't turn on about a week before I had the engine trouble...thought I'd mention it just in case!

Again I appreciate your help, sorry if I'm not good at being helped :D



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sounds like your battery is flat mate ?
and the engine should run for a few secs with a drop of fuel down the throttlebody, if there is no fuel getting in
Yeah, it's reading 7.8v at rest, I'm solar charging it now to see if the car will start again but I believe I'm looking at a new battery at the minimum, correct? I wonder if this has been the root of the problem or just one of many! Would a poorly battery bring up Cylinder 3 misfire and only affect one cylinder coil?

Thanks :)
Okay @frank the new battery is in, the radio is back alive, it starts lovely and I've checked the alternator as well and it seems fine(14.8v at idle). The original problem still exists, cylinder 3 misfire, now my question is - Do I replace the faulty coil with the one that I bought? my reservation being that when I did that the car didn't start and I've somehow convinced myself those two things were directly related as opposed to being coincidence.

Like the battery was clearly on the way out with the radio dying and then when it sat for those two days waiting for the coil to arrive it drained to beyond recovery and that meant even with the new coil it wouldn't have started.

There's no way those 20 thousand volts generated can be sent back to the battery and damage it right? there are supposed to be capacitors in that circuit? Basically, I don't know what I'm talking about please advise as I don't want to damage the new battery somehow!

Thanks a bunch!

She's alive!!! Absolutely singing mate, all 60 horses :D Thank you so much for all your guidance, really really appreciate your help!

All the best