Nissan Micra K10 - tyre pressure

Hi, I have a question about tyre pressure on Micra K10 '91, 1.0.

Mine Micra has original wheels with Michelin Energy tires, 155/70 R13. I was wondering, what is recommended tyre pressure for that size? Tried to find that information in car manual and on the internet, but wasn't lucky..
I usually put it on 2.0/2.1 bar, is that ok and what is the highest value to put it on?

Thanks for answers, appreciate it! :)
I wouldn't agree with you, some cars have that info. on the inner side of fuel cap - vauxhall astra for example. Thanks anyway, think I'll stick with my 2.1bar!
I don't have a sticker either. I actually put my tyre pressure to 40 psi / 2.7 bar. Saves quite some fuel, don't know if it is actually that good for the tyres. Mine need to be replaced in the near future anyways, so I thought I'll give it a try.


Higher tyre pressures are good for economy but in the wet tends to help you slide about a bit too much. and yeah probably tends to make them wear quicker. i always thought the standard tyre pressure was around 30psi?
Yes it's best at 30 psi as this wears the tyre evenly and gives best traction and economy. If a tyres too low, it causes poor fuel economy and wear to the outer edges , and if the tyres too higher pressure, you get wear in the centre of the tread plus a very harsh ride!.
Found this on my k10 after reading this.