Nissan Micra k10 gear oil problem HELP

Hello. I'm from Bulgaria and reg to this micra forum with great pleasure . I byed Nissan Micra k10 with 1.2 engine 5 speed manual gear box. 1991 year is and this is my first car. I change all consumptives but can't change the oil in the gearbox .... The sting for speedometer is stuck and can't put it out to fill the oil . I go to 2 oil mechanics and they say can't change the oil because the sting is stuck . They spreyed with WD-40 and no result .. What can i do ? Thanks and sorry if my english is not verry well.



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After removing the 10mm bolt, you need to prise it out with a flat screwdriver and wiggle it from side to side.

След премахване на 10MM залоствам, ви е необходимо да прайс го с чисто прорез и шаване тя от страна на страна.

I will try in saturday or sunday to check it when i have time. porkpie700 can you give me skype or facebook profile to find you ? Thanks for the info (Y)


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leave the speedocable attached to it and pull like #### till it comes out :D

If not, it will take a while but prise the top off the beather and fill up from there. though you will need to find out how much oil they hold to make sure you put the right amount in.