Nissan Micra K10 For Sale £199



:k10: hello there, i have a nissan micra 995cc k10 for sale.
im sellin this for £199!!
has has two new front shocks and four new tyres!
has a blue rocker cover. alpine 6x9's, and a sterio which is not wired up.
the car is a j redge and is 5dr!
all original parts. the frnt door panels are not covered as i have not got round to doing this.
the roof gutters where a roof rack goes have been fibre galssed smooth but have not had the final layer of p38 (body filler)
the car hasn't reached 80,000 miles yet so is doing well!
all that is wrong with the car is a slight noise from the gearbox which i have been told from my machanic teacher are only £30 for the bearings to rid of the noise.
and there is a small hole in the back box.
apart from that the car is sound.
please email me at [email protected] or add me on instant messenger to ask any questions and i will try my best to answer them.
is a lil pick that i took a lil while ago.

if you cannot see the picture or want me to take sum more pictures of the car i will be happy to and will send them to you asap.

thnx johnx


not really a reason for selling, just really want a change in car. maybe a 1litre corsa or sumit!?!? somthing that i can do up and get parts easily and lots of aftermarket parts.
write bk john