Nissan Micra K10 Engine Swap Advice????

Ive got a 1989 nissan micra k10 1.0L and im looking for a bigger engine to put in it. Im not looking to spend over 2 grand. I also do not want to do any MAJOR welding and body chopping but am not afraid to do the work if its worth it. Any body got any suggestions.
I'd say look for a cheap k11 1.3 as a donor, lots of people have done the swap on here so plenty of information about it and the 1.3s are good little engines, strong, chain driven and lightweight.

Or go super crazy and get a 7th gen celica, the 1zz 1.8 has around 140bhp as standard and are so bloody light! But you'd have to a lot of work to get it in and drive shafts and what not.

Don't want a heavy engine on the front its meant to ruin the handling :p