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nissan micra hollywood revamp :)

my previous car have been a ford ka which i got when my mum went up to a sport ka, was first car and lasted the longest, loved it rly was a nice little car.

I saw that photo and immediately thought of this:

It wasnt far off that, the neighbours round there were all useless at parking and made complaints that my mates car was blocking the ally so I thought id take the p*$$ lol left it parked like that for the afternoon :)

Not got a lot done but managed to get some painting done but more to go :( as it was rainy decided to do a bit more working out for the boot build then marked out the pieces in the board and cut them out, then I started putting them in place to see how they fit an made some adjustments.

Originally the piece for the 15" was gonna be simple square but would have blocked the 12" so I cut the corner of and will use the bits cut off to close it up again :) needs taking out and fitting properly now :)


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Just been thinking, I need to extend the antenna cable for the stereo but don't have any cable, I do have some tv stuff spare tho, seen some comments from googling that you can use the tv f-type connectors to connect the cables so I assume that it will work?

If I've got enough I might just replace the cable alltogether and use the new stuff with old connector
Painted a few bits today not much but did a bit of planning

Asked a mate to lend a hand next weekend to try and get this back on road as I dont want to pay for more than one more weeks taxis to work.

So hopefully if I try and get everything to a certain stage then I can hopefully use him to help refitting engine rather than spending the weekend cleaning bits.


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Finally finished painting all over, well with brushes, just needs going over for a final coat with the roller then put all habdles etc back on :)


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Did some work on the boot build.

I basically put the whole thing together except for the 15" peice then tried it to see if I can get it in and im happy :) looks ok but needs some trimming and some adding to get that top piece sat right.

Also need tp make the ports, one in left of the 15" triangle, and one in the left peice at the top of the 12" box. Will try an do that after work tomorrow then it needs carpeting :) and some terminals would be handy too actually :p


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I made some new wiper bushes as the old ones were naff, could have made an ally tube and drilled the plastic out to put it in but this was more fun and shiny :)

There far from perfect but theyll do nicely, need to give the lwvers a good wire wheel and paint tho :p


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It was sunny today so went rounf car with some 40grit on a piece of wood and flatted out most of the highs, its not bang on but good enough for me for now.

Then I painted the roof again but with the roller. Came out much nicer. So then did all the white with the roller and then demasked it all, refited the doors and door window seals and the new locks and refitted the handles and mirrors decided to use the chrome stuff I got for the engine, im not 100% on it but think when the wheels black and the clear side repeaters are in will look better.

Coming along tho. Plenty more to do tommorow :)


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Little update got arial on, needs wiring. Got tailgate handle trim painted and on. Got wind deflectors on. Painted all the bare paintwork in the car, just the bit under the rear windows and around the tailgate and finished the boot build.

Will take more pics tommorow when ive put all the trims back and the rear seats back in with the subs in and parcel shelf on :) hoping to get the doors cards on and all the sound system wired up. Think im gonna wire the 6x9s and doors speakers to head unit with a connector block and then put a connector and wires to where the amp will be so when I get that I can plug it straight in and swap back to head unit when/if required. Could be handy as the build can go in and out in one piece. Might have to take the parcel shelf brackets off tho. Seat only just clicks back when its in so it keeps it all nice and snug, putting a few screws in aswell though :)


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Walton-le-dale near brig, whereabouts are you? Got all the oils and brake fluids ordered so trying to get everything ready to go, gonna put nodspeed and fli stickers on the rear side windows and do the brake lines then concentrate on the engine:)
Feeling that alot atm. Got license and log book back so rly need to get it going and then I can tidy up the niggles while using it to go work. Got loads of extra ideas for when I have more time and better funds and more jobs done at home garden an stuff.
Another update and more pics.

Spent most of today sat in the car doing wires. I cut out the old nissan put and soldered and taped straight to the adapter, and used new speakers wire for the rears, theres loads of wire on the crossovers for the door speakers so will use that instead of the standard wire, will route and solder that on when I screw the door cards on. The plan is to have a plug in the boot with the door a parcel shelf wires on and have to other end of the plug on both wires to the 4ch amp and to the head unit so if I take the build out for space I can swap the plugs and run off heads unit with no subs.or amps. Will come in handy at some points im sure.

Got the 3 and a remote powers going down the left and phono and bass remote for crossover on the right and ive made up 3 grounds. The 15" need the speaker wiring to amp and then I need to make a new box for the fli amp then mount and wire that. Need to pay tax on the 4ch amp as thats waiting at depot :( so will have it all rdy for when I get that.

Luckily I got away without extending the aerial, just. Must have took a much shorter route through dash :p but thats wired now. Just got to wire and mount fuses under bonnet and wire to batt terminal and do the grounds.

Went maplins to get a wiring kit from there as it has the phono splitters I needed and another phono to phono but got another of them as I need 4 in total. Crossover has sub inlut and mid/high input so the splitter just split my head units single out between them. Gonna be fun setting the dials on these, what with there being setting on all 3 amps and the crossover and the head unit, but shoild be able to realy tailor the sound where it needs it rather than on a whole :)
Was being funny with pics there here :) got stickers on windows too :)


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Some more pics.
6x9 is a little close to the 12" sub lol


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Only a little update.

Made box to hold botb larts of the fli amp as I took thwm out of the box to make it all fit.
Booked next week off work to get it finished and got them cradle mount bushes ordered was about £16.

Fluids have arrived, got 10l of 10/40, 5l gearbox oil 5l brake fluid and two oil filters. So should be all good to finish, also its payday on the friday end of next week so that takes care of insurance when Ill need it :)
Bout bloody time I did an update so ill do it now, been busy trying to get me back on road recently so not got round to up date

So I have some more pics :)


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And some more pics


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So at this point in the pics im basically ready for refiting the engine. I rly should have done the brake lines first but oh well I know now lol :p not got much to do now to be on the road my lust has now got down to :

Rear brake lines
Gear linkages and gearstick
Adjust clutch cable
Fill gearbox oil
Fit exhaust
Front lights and grill
Sunvisors and screw all the trims down
And bolt the batt down

Got loads of other bits to do but I can do those when its running :)

Not as many pics of it atm keep running out of light and time:(
Hopefully get those done and running tommorow.


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The only thing that will amaze me more than the shininess of that engine would be if you could keep it shiny whilst putting it in the car.

Parts of it are shiny still :p but it could do with a quick flash over when its finished. Hopefully most of the grease should wipe off. Although the black handprints on the matt white could be fun :p, needs flatting anyway lol
Quick update

I got most of the stuff done now. Brakes are done just need to fill bleed and check for leaks and test. Need to make a bung to block speedo drive until I get a new one.
And need to do a few odd bit like adjust clutch pedal and give it all a clean and tidy, sort out what ill take with me on the run in in case somat happens.

Finished off the sound system after id buggered the speedo drive as I just were in the right mindset to start that job and thats all sounding sweet :) so that cheered me up again, think thats why I managed to do the gearbox today lol.

Will take lots off pics tommorow and will get a vid up of how the sound system is :)
Ok well not quite got to the pics and vid yet but I got it to run today so should be able to get more little bits done tommorow :)

Had a few different issues, figured it werent starting due to spark, I had already doubted myself when connecting the fuel feed/return so iswapped that first, no luck, and first one frank suggested was the coolant sensor plug and the dizzy plug wrong way round, which it was so I swapped it and still no spark an no start, so used a jump lead to groung the plug the neg term and then turned the dizzy by hand and got no spark. So took cap off the dizzy and tried a few test which I then realised wouldn't work anyway lol, so I bent the contacts toward the center a bit and then retested with jump lead and it gave a spark and heard it tic on the other 3 contacts, (also heard the injectors click aswell) after that it still wouldnt fire and I out it down to battery volts dropping and flooded. So left batt charging overnight and decidrd that when that was defo charged I would try it before I went work and if it not go the turn the dizzy drive 180degree and retry.

When I did this I was sure I heard it try on first pop but then just turned over lifeless. So remebered I had some old easy start so sprayed some of thst in and quickly relise the engine was working now but only while it had spray and any throttle at all, well throttled it, just died and phased out. So I concluded that I had to go to worm abd that I either kinked it or something so it couldnt supply the fuel but pritty much ruled that out as the fuel sprayed me with loads the first time I checked it, so wether it was or wasnt getting fuel now it did then after reffiting. So when I got it home I had decided to use mums ka to jump it, figured running car batt output much better that just the batt and had the same result trying the easy start again so swapped the feed and return back how I had them in thebfirst place and then it fired, nearly 5 mins in sprung a cooant leak fron the back somewhere but thats a nice excuse to fit the silicone hose aswell as checking everythin while in round there.

But the main thing is she started and that was with being jumped and pritty soon after turning key :) so now im haply to do the cosmetic stuff again :)
Just making a new to do list form all the others and some new bits lol

And sry no pics or vid yet, bloody setbacks lol ill get the leaks sorted tommorow hopefully then ill do the pics :)
Some pics :)


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Scrubbed it all with some burtex (scotch brite) and soapy water. Got all the figerprints and handprints and bits of silicone and paint on lights etc. Then rinsed then washed then rinsed.

Gonna clean the windows and give it a polish if weather holds off :)


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This weekend I gave it an oil and filter change, opened up the spark plugs gaps, set the camber bolts somwhere neerer, set the panhard rod straight and did the tracking.
Steering is much lighter at low speeds now, will run for a week checking the tyre wear :) Would help setting it up on somewhere flat :p might find a corner of a nice flat shop car park nearby at least just to recheck it.

That's about it atm it seems to be running nice :) few niggle like the bonnet isn't sitting right anymore but don't know what point it changed, hinge end is right catch end is up, will try re bolting the catch if theres any play, maybe top brace that holds the rad? Not sure seem to pivot somewhere in middle maybey bit to the left.
And theres a gurgle when you turn it off think its the feed the the interior rad.
Not seen the radiator fan kick in at all except for those spurts it did when I couldn't start it, but its not overheating, highest its got since running is bout half the guage normally about 1/4.
Struggling to find the holes for the sunvisors as I may have put sound deadening and carpet over them without marking them lol.
Still need to do gearstick and turn it round :p maybey if the weather is ok tommorow :) (well today)

Did a couple of trips to the tip today got rid of all the metal plastic and fabric. Just tidying up round the shed weather permitting ive got a little burner im gonna try an keep going to get rid of the wood and cardboard while I get all the broken bricks and stuff thats been about for ages and run that to the tip and sort through whats left and whats in the shed. Finally get some clear space.
While since I updated been busy with stuff recently.

Few things changed, I got some alloys the same size as the steelies with decent tyres, reasonable price and look much better and less effort than refurbing steels and swapping tyres.

Got a face lift boot handle as the original was bust on right hand side so got that fitted.

Got sunvisors fitted, need the two clip bits but not sure where I put them :p

Got the speedo drive so I swapped that for the stick I blocked the hole with and thats working ok :)

Other than that its all just beeb ticking over nicely.

I found out why bonnrt was sat high at front, turbed out when I jacked off the front beam it pushed up slight cause rad and top mount to sit higher which pushed bonnet up. Was too rough trying to persuade it down and cracked the posts on top of rad which gave some issues but got a new rad and sorted the beam out while swapping and is sat happy again now :)

Will get some more bits done at some point. On nights at work as of this week so that gonna take some getting used to first :p


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Ye I got 35mm springs on but cant rly tell needs another 30-40 rly lol but wanna keep it road friendly so may look at getting some sort of splitters an skirts to make it look lower but wont bring the arch down so dunno yet.

Got vectra b bumpers and skirts that im keeping hold of, they will either go on a vectra in the future or they be butchered and repaired to make them all fit the micra. Long way off that tho lol mabey next year :p
Done a few bits this week.
Passenger door wasn't locking so bought a new locking kit. This one has alarm and immobiliser a boot sol ouput aswell as some nice bits like blue blinky led and manual lock button. Locks tbe doors when you press the brake and unlocks when you turn key off. Pretty good but cant get boot sol to work yet :(

Wired up the seat motors for the adjustable height, and I fitted the jdm cupholder. Wanted to keep the coin tray so made it fit below :)

Did the tracking too and pumped the tyres up. Feels better now.

Few more bits to get done next week though :)


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Hi all long time without posting, had a lot going on this year.

Just wanted to post to let people know what happened to this micra an where its at now.

I got it finished and running for about 4month but then i needed to mot it as the old one ran out and it failed on generaly sloppiness on my part (brake lines not secure) and an oil leak from the main seal on the engine. Think there were some other bit too but cant remember. At that point i baught my mate fiesta as it needed less work, i prefer it and was cheap. I was goi g to commit this to a big project with a big engine but i dont think the shell is worth it.

So if anyone wants to make an offer for any or all of it i would much rather someone on here got it than scrappers offering £30 or to collected it for free :eek:

If anybody wants me to strip all the subframes off to bassically get 4 full corners all with a few month road use and a year on a druveway then i will do that for about £250-200 and can meet up to drop them or something.

I figure the enine is dead as the bores were already oversized when i rebuilt it but it did get new clutch set, spark plugs ht lead, i also self ported the head and fitted new valves and lapped them all in. (Could comment if it performed better but it ran fine) and it also had 1.3l cams in.
I also figure the shell iss probly not worth saving as id say it will probly need some more welding by now ( and the paint and filler covering)

But the bit im thinking may be useful for someone on here would be:(new=bout 4mt road use)
New; Driveshafts, std shocks, discs, pads, shoes, drums, track rod ends, droplinks, wishbones, camber bolts, wheel bearings, 35mm lower springs, whiteline panhard, rear supension bars (2 longer new, 2 shorter polybushed), front/rear lights, exhaust.
Aside from that all the hubs and rear frame got painted up with black 2pac so still looks pretty clean.
And that bout it really, im sad i didnt finish but the fiesta is going at the end of the month and im getting a van so the fiesta will be the project.

Be good way to get all the bushes and drivetrain of a donor for autograss orsomathing up to scratch:)

If anyone would like anything feel free to pm me or give me a text 07950934670 :)