Nissan Micra EPS issue

Hi all, here I would like to share a little experience with my Micra. The EPS failure seems like a common issue with this particular Nissan model, and it bothered me a bit since I had my Micra second hand while it's done around 40,000 on the dashboard. The red PS light sometimes came on results no power steering, but it usually goes off after second On/Off try then power steering came back. About 3-4 month ago EPS finally gave up, since then I got to drive really hard as steering became so heavy. I looked around for a solution, it is just too expensive to had a new steering column fit in, so here comes OBD tool N607, it's designed for Nissan cars known as Nissan consult II copy cat, it detected fault codes on the electric power steering ECU, and I wiped it all out, then PS red light go away and power steering restored, I never felt a car steering could be that so light, it feels like no resistant at all lol. I initially bought an AUTEL MD802 4 system version it didn't fulfill its duty as it can't communicate with electric power steering ECU, late on I realise there is an all system version of the model it might read fault codes from the electric power steering ECU but I haven't proved it yet, my recommendation is go for all system version if you are thinking buying it.

Some pictures I took during use(I only have the tool used less than 2min lol).

Hi Ben,
I have the same problem with my K12 1.2 (2004). I wonder if you know of some other cheaper device that also erases the PS light (my display says PS, not EPS, but it's the same). I wonder if you know if the Autel AL319 does it. I can not find the N607 (I live in Spain) neither on the internet.
Thank you very much for your help.
Hi Jason. Thanks for you answer. I've been to the car workshop several times and they've always reset my car's computer; they tell me that the eps system is not broken and that changing it would costs about € 3000 (crazy!) I'd like to know with which machine they reset my car; just not going to the car workshop (50€) every month. Thanks.
What’s the DTC they keep resetting? The only way the PS light will come on us if there is an internal fault on the EPS or there is a CAN/wiring issue. If the PS light is on and the steering is heavy then the EPS is faulty.

Where are you?
I do not know exactly what they do. I only know that I take it to the car workshop, they reset the car's computer and I leave with the assisted steering working perfectly, and with 50 € less. What it means (they say to me) that the power steering engine works, but there must be some failure in the alignment or something ... I do not understand cars.
And I also know that once a month, or two months, the PS light will come back on, and then start again.
I live in Spain.
Your Steering has an intermittent fault. The steering is very self contained, only the steering can decide to work or not.

There’s no alighment issues that can cause a PS fault.

You need to replace your steering! Postage to Spain will cost a lot!!

Ok. Thanks.
But then, I do not understand how Ben has been able to turn off the PS light with the OBD tool N607. I would like to find something like that.
To huttojb. Hi I had hoped to be able to get some of your advise on the PS problem with my daughter’s 2004 Micra. I have read all your previous responses to similar problems and I am trying to find a garage who can do the work what you advise but upto now no luck. I am driving it home from Uni on Saturday night and I am praying that the PS is working when I start the car(4 hrs motorway) and we have two weeks before her road tax and MOT will be up. Please, please where can we go to fix it?
Thank you so much for replying and yes I am driving from York to London but it will be late on Saturday night. I can drive back Monday/Wednesday afternoon or evening or the next Saturday/Sunday? Many thanks again.
Lol, that message was full of options!!! Saturday is fine, what time you thinking?
Saturday the 23 rd. will be great. Before or after lunch ? I will fit in with your time table. I will drive down the M40 to Birminghambe in about 2 hrs. What would be the best way to send you some personal information like mobile so I can text you when I am leaving. Many thanks again, it will make all the difference to hear your opinion even if it is to give up hope and scrap it. I have driven it home from York on Saturday night and the PS light had gone off so it was a smooth drive at 70mph for 4 hrs which is why I don’t like to give up on this car.
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