Nissan Micra C&C 1.6 2008 Hazard Lights & BCM

Hi all, I have a Micra C&C 1.6 2008. It's just sailed through it's MOT a week ago with no advisories. On Monday I noticed the hazard lights flashing whilst parked up in the drive. I tried everything to switch them off but to no avail. Called the garage and they assumed it could be a faulty hazard switch but asked me to drop it in to take a look. On further investigation they told me its a problem with the body control module and that the circuit board has burned out. I felt this strange as everything else was working fine (electric windows etc etc). They said the part is no longer made so I have no alternative but to get a new car. They said they sprayed the BCM with electric cleaner - the hazards haven't flashed since I brought it home on Wednesday but now I'm reluctant to drive it in case it happens again and drains the battery. I just wanted to gauge opinion as the car drives perfectly. Does this seem fair?