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nissan micra 51 plate , 1.0 manual. 16 valve .

hi , I have a Nissan micra that has developed a knocking on driving in a straight line . it is the kind of knock that you would get from a bad drive shaft . but it only does it in a straight line and not when you turn the wheel . it is worse as you drive faster and is very bad if you put your foot down to go up a steep hill . I have briefly had it checked at a friends garage , but he could not find anything obvious . the only other clues that I can give you are that there is a knocking sound from underneath on very rough ground and the bushes seem to be badly worn on the gear select mechanism ... would appreciate any thoughts on this as I don't want to start changing things without knowing if they will cure the problem ,,, thanks in advance ...
Got the same problem , I've got it down to the wishbone bushes and possible ball joint , rest has been replaced , tho still got to get around to sorting it