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Nissan Micra, 2006 radio code

Hi every one can some one please provide me radio code for Micra
Radio number is

BP 538469481623
Additionally my radio start saying wait 1 hour, do I need to turn the ignition on for an hour or start car for an hour.

Much appreciated

Thank you in advance
Like a hundred of them ...!
My limited understanding about blogs in common is that the blog has some kind of continuity...
So how your "Nissan Micra, 2006 radio code"-blog will continue after you get the code?!
What are you? the forum gestapo? Get a damned life mate! The only posts that are keeping this forum "active" are from members asking questions..... be it a "radio code" query or anything else, it's "activity".

Your last "blog" regarding your Micra 160SR was in April 2017, some 20 MONTHS ago! Since then you have spammed the forum, continuously, with the same message and I quote:

"Please only use these forums for blogs, they are not a discussion forum.
This forum is dedicated to Micra Blogs for MSC members.
Please only post threads in here related to your own car and modifications."

Get a damned life and stop acting like some self appointed "word" policeman. It's not everybody who spends every living moment writing a "blog" about their Nissan Micra...... some people have questions, some people need help and I would like to think that this forum was was full of friendly, knowledgeable people, who were happy (through their combined knowledge / experience) to help fellow Micra drivers spend more time on the road than off it.

I don't know what your problem is but it seems to me it's a big one...... chill out ffs! Let's find out who runs this joint and have a discussion with them..... don't come in "guns blazing" quoting your usual crap about how you are Finnish and understand the rules therefore everybody else (that are English) are clearly unable to understand their own language and "rules" etc. etc. etc.

If you were the forum owner or a moderator then fair enough, your terms of condition would have to be abided by but you're not..........

Stop spamming your nonsense and start helping people with constructive replies based on your experience of owning / maintaining a Nissan Micra...... if you can't do that then you're as much use as a chocolate fire guard Mika.

Seasons Greetings, hope yo and your Micra have a Happy 2019.