Nissan Micra 1.3LX, 16V, MOT to 13/9/17, Automatic CVT - £200

Nissan Micra 1.3LX 16V

4 ½ months MOT

Automatic CVT

5 door hatchback

1994 Model (Non PAS)

3 owners from new (last 2 of the owners my family).

MOT to 13/9/17

104,587 miles (Family done 98,000 miles of these)!

Service history (not full comprehensive, but a fair bit)

(I can load email more photos, just having a problem with file size for the server uploading at present)

The car has been in the family since 1997. My father bought this from the original owner then it passed down to me in 2012. I found the car to be extremely reliable and never let me down. It has been well looked after.

The car is 24 years old and there are age related marks on the vehicle. Slight dent in the rear quarter panel near light, a concave dent at front of the bonnet & the usual scuffs slight bubbling on front arch.

The interior is in good condition. Some age related marks.

The car can be driven ok. However:-

The car will require some things done to be running 100% right.

The bad bits. Summary

Running Rich - Recently the car started running rich & idling bad. It’s emitting black smoke (not dense, but black it’s there) when revving & MPG has gone down vastly. I have attempted to rectify this by re-soldering the throttle body (a common problem on these models), as it was starting to stall, cut out etc. The stalling etc has been solved though now running rich. This is making it idle roughly (it does idle, but not smooth). On the open road drives & picks up fine, just drinks more petrol then usual. I think the sealed MAF sensor inside the throttle body is at fault. Factor in a replacement throttle body (though could be something else).

Radiator has a slight leak – It need replacing. Brown water running down side of it. Though leak is only minor, as don’t have to top it up with water that much. This would have to be changed.

Exhaust – It sounds like it is blowing (though MOT never even stated an advisory on this). I do think this is due to the running rich and exhaust rich mixture carbons. It started sounding like this once the mixture started getting rich. It was fine beforehand.

Other small issues

the passenger window doesn’t wind down & passenger door key barrel doesn’t work (though internal lock ok so door can be locked).

To open the petrol filler cap you have to open the boot and tug the cable inside

car radio is included.

Inspection is welcome in Watford, Herts.


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