Nissan Micra 1.3 turbo


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Hello people,

I may decide to sell my micra turbo but first want to see how much interest there is and the offers i get.

This micra has:
Super s Front bumper
Rear Ms bodykit bumper
Rear Mid Spoiler
Lowered Springs
Uprated Brakes (pulsar)
Strut Brace
T20 turbo with turbo manifold
Induction kit
Custom Injector rail with 370cc injectors
Fuel pressure regulator
Walbro Fuel Pump
Emanage blue With software, cable, injector and timing cable with genuine Greddy Pressure sensor
Innovate Wideband sensor with guage
Uprated Rad Fan
Decat Exhaust system With backbox

Theres most of the things that i can think of but there maybe more.

The problem is that the car is overheating, head gasket maybe leaking.

Im open to reasonable offers.
(wheels will not come with car they will be replaced with standard micra alloys)


thats a good question if you were to sell the full turbo setup including the manifold, intercooler, turbo how much?


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i dont really want to break the car, i would prefer to sell it as a whole as i dont have time to strip it either.
I dont have a set price on my mind yet but give me a reasonable offer.
£400 it was worth a try even with the issues id say its easily worth double that and some all day long looks like a very tidy job !!!!! Ps headgasket on a micra not that common would that be down to being turbo'd ??? and pressure on the internals ????


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you would be better off parting it out pritz (like every other turbo k11 we,ve had on here) and then the parts will be whore,d round the members a few times before actually being fitted lol :)
it,ll make about 2 grand doing it that way ;)


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the front cross member is rusty but ive purchased a new cross member which will be included in with the car and the sills ill have to double check as the cars stored at a garage at the present moment but if your really interested i could get it done for you

If worst comes to worst and the car doesn't sell as a whole, i will have to wait and see how much interest there is on parts and then ill start to breaking


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Is it taxed and MOTd? Is it drivable (to some degree before overheat). I'd be interested in the whole car. What sort of price are you looking for?
Is it okay if i come see the car as I'm situated in Leicester too i shall attempt to PM you thanks mate.


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If it goes down the breaker route, I would be interested in

front bumper (icl fogs and tow hook cover... if it has one lol)
headlight stalk with the fog light function on it...

Was doing a search on turbo, i know this is an ooooold thread, but did ever happen to this car???

was the turbo stripped out, anyone on the forum bought the car to fix ?

What power did it make ?
How long since the conversion ?
Mileage ?
Tax&test ?
Any damage to the body / rust ?
And as above !
I would like to buy it, I come from Denmark, just say what you want for it as we find out anything, have sent private message


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Can you give some sort of idea what your looking for?
Hello I've not been on here in a long time however since then I've replaced engine with a low mileage auto engine therefore no leaks and runs fine private message me and we will discuss further


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Hello people looking to sell my micra turbo any interested pm please reasonable offers considered