Nissan March K12 User Manual

Looking For Nissan March K12 User Manual

Hi guys, Im new here!

Actual current photograph of my converted Nissan March K12:

If anyone knows where I can download the soft-copy of the "user manual" of this Nissan March K12; Let it be in PDF form or any. I only got this car as a surplus and converted from right-hand drive to left-hand thus no user manual booklet included.

It has an automatic engine CR12(DE) of 1240cc.

Hope anyone can share its user manual ...

From Cebu, Philippines!
I'm also looking for user manual too,
btw if any one searching for factory service manual (electronic version), I'm willing to share mine.
hi, the same is already available in www(dot)micrak12(dot)com. Link to the file was given in the last full-stop mark.