Nismo_K12 - The history of my micra


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....This is my life....

my first in counter with the K12 wasnt good. My dad brought home a pre production version whilst the K11 was still on sale. I had recently just passed my test and was driving around in my mams 1.4se+. Any way he brought it home. It was grey and the first thing i point out was. "ERGH those headlights are horrible"

anyway i never heard much about the car for a year until...they went on sale.

I hated them. There bloody ugly lol i used to say. At this point i had now moved on up to a 2.2dci almera (n16) I refused to drive one so thats why i had the mera. As the story goes i had approx 4 different cars over the space of 2 years....until 2004 i went and bought my first car.......a k12. I didnt like them but i was buying one...why?? because it was cheap and was going to be used a quick way to get cheap insurance....anyway after about 3 weeks of driving it someone clipped my front wing. That was replaced and i carried on with the K12. after 6months of ownership i started knocking around with the local cruisers. At that point i deceied to get some wheels and work on moddin' it. So i bought some wheels and a sticky on exhaust trim!!! see pics i was stupid



anyway i wasnt happy with the K12 because someone hit it and the gear box was rattling away after abusing the car because i knew i wanted a new in march 2005 i bought the k12 we all know today.


amyway i bought the new k12 and got the kit fitted by the dealers. the day i took delivery i got it tinted. and then i took it hope and stuck the wheels on again. I was happy for once with it.

November 05 - seen an article in banzai about envy performance - local performance place to i went up and was amazed at what they could do and what i could i bought a nismo grill there and then...waitted 4 weeks, got it and tried to fit it.the indicators are different in japan!!! balls so i went back and ordered the indicators + oil and rad cap. 4 weeks later got them and fitted the lot.
couple of months went by and i thought about changing a few things ie get a new spoiler and stuff but i declined. so i went up to envy and we sat down and got chatting. Ok lets make it go faster...what can i do. was told about the impul S/C kit, a turbo conversion....both of which where way out of my league. any how i bough a nismo filter lol....

couple of months went. lets do sumit with the suspension.. they tossed me some ideas on custom suspension...but i couldnt go with out the car for a few weeks. Any how i got some springs lol.

just lowered

couple of weeks later i went back. get me the nismo back box.....came and fitted.
then came the respray of the wheels and new tyres.







also the highlight of my ownership was my first k12 hitting 117mph without an airbox on.....private road on a mates farm playing with corsa c and 106gti lol

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your not the only one - six days is the ultimate tune form the film.

good story there mate, one of my favourite K12s that