Nice K11 on 35K miles, shame about the high as a kite asking price £1100 in Bristol.

Millage means nothing it's how the rest of the car is, same as paperwork it could have all the service history and not ect work ,
I've got a lovely 31k Micra tbh my bumblebee was cleaner other then the crossmember ,
Tho there's is a genuine found near me with 24k se for £500 it's done less then a 1k in 4 years but it's a genuine rare granny who genuinely looked after it one

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I bought mine for a similar price and at a similar mileage, and it was 10 years old at the time I purchased it

I've had it 10 years and it hasn't done me wrong

If you're good at welding and fixing things up you could probably get one for much cheaper but it'd make a really good first car for somebody who wants to get into learning how to tinker but also have a functional car to drive (most of the time) as well

I'd snap it up for 1100/950 if I was anywhere near bristol.