New to this site but would like you opinion.

Hi all

As the title says :), Joined this site because it looks like the place to help/helped

Built a 1.0L grasser last year, , missus raced it and we bust the HG, managed to repair this with a little help from Frank :)

Due to the weater its not been raced untill yesterday, 5th in first race 2nd in the 2nd race, missus was stuck with higher classes so hard to gauge how the car went. - will get links up to You tube vids once uploaded.

My expierence of my 2races were, quick down the straight just as quick as the top minis, but i struggled in and out of the corners-would not pull me through. This could be my driving, tire pressure ect ect, just wondering if you guys had an opinion on this to see if i can improve.

Thanks in advance
Looks like great fun, :).
One the mud would be guessing you let the tyre pressure down a few PSI for a start (as a guess), and sure there is a lot of driving involved too, but I have no idea about that!


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first vid and first corner the white mini at the back :) ahhh man

the pull through thing might be the dif upgrade gripper or sorts
yeah it is good fun bud and bloody addictive :)

yeah PSI down on the wet-up a little on the 2nd heat and my driving little do be desired

just wondering on maybe suspension (have a tinker) when building the car i took off 1/2 inch off the coils all round, iam now thinking i should of left the back as it was and tryed to stiffen up some how or any other ideas?
yeah buddy! about time too bloody weather, dont look like that has put you off tho :)

Yeah have to be stock bud and i run Hakka 2s (mud tyres)


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you,re gonna struggle to make any handling gains with stock suspension then glen, the mini,s are maybe running some toe-out on the rear ? (that would cure your understeer)
you,re not lacking power there, you just need to carry more corner speed eh ;)
cheers for the replys guys, will go through the rule book (again) see if i can adjust camber or spacers(not to sure what this achieves) but you know what the next question will be :)