New to the forum

Alright folks, new to the forum and thought I'd say hi. I'm Keith and I'm from Scotland, I've been looking on this forum for a few months as my interest in K11's has grown. I've just sold my previous car (Honda Civic Coupe Vti) and looking into buying a K11 Si shortly as I need to downsize. Lowering, wheels and some subtle cosmetic mods will be on the cards and I'm hoping that this is the perfect place to get some inspiration, help and advice as I know very little about these cars.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys (Y)

Also, It's good to see a couple of Scottish members on here :laugh:

Hopefully going to look at a couple of K11 1.3 Si on Sat so I may have something new to report then. I owned a 1275cc mini in the past that I had restored and modified, I absolutely loved that car until someone plowed into me and wrote it off. A mini is just not practical for me anymore so I see the K11 as an ideal modern equivalent. I want something that's fun to chuck down a back road at sensible speeds as the Civic Vti cost me my license grr

1st thing on the agenda will be to sort out the handling so any advice on that would be muchos appreciated (Y)