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New to forum - few K12 questions...

Hi all,

Quick introduction - I share a red '53 k12 micra dci with my girlfriend, its been in her family from new and the poor thing is on about 110k miles.

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I've got an 04 DCi SVE (82) that I've had since 38k, its now got 90k on it and I had it re-mapped at 44k to 113hp and 168lbs/ft torque. Its a great little car and I've never had any major issues with it, still provides great fuel economy and goes pretty well too. I've only recently had problems - I think the turbo may be on its last legs, and like yours the wiper linkages are pretty floppy and the rear wipers stopped working all together. But to be honest, I still can't really grumble about these faults due to the fact it gets used a hell of a lot.

Not sure what Clio bits fit to be honest, but most parts are cheap enough from the motor factors any way so I've not bothered to look into it. I'm sure if you keep servicing it regularly and keep the EGR clean it will serve you well :)
Similarly, at over 110k miles its still going strong - I expect we'll drive it until it gives up to be honest
The wipers aren't helped by the garages' bodge job bolt giving it slack and every time it knocks I cringe...! Our rear wiper stopped working ages ago but i took it appart and it as full of battery-acid stuff - the electronics still fine as sometimes the ECU automatically shuts it off to save the motor - so either going to get rid of it all together and bung the hole or try and get a replacement motor.
I keep and eye on the EGR now because when i took it apart there was some oil in there as well as dry soot which is often a sign the turbo seals are giving up (not enough to worry about yet thankfully!)
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