New SuperTurbo :)

Hows things lads , i'm new to the MSC but seems to be really good.
I've got an 89 Superturbo march , and i'll be lookin for a few tips on best mods to do without making it unreliable :( last thing i wanna do is blow it up! Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated lads , thanks :D


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From my understanding its affected by both cylinder head skimming and block decking.
So rather than taking it all off one a small compromise of both should be good?
If you are using carbon head gasket is best to let the head and block without any modification. This will ensure long term durability for the engine.
If modifications are made on the head and block, it will change the compression ratio of the engine. This will reduce engine durability. Things will most likely occur, head gasket leak due too often boosting (Supercharge & Turbo).

But if you use steel head gaskets.
This is a different case.

Just a personal opinion base on experience.